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Most businesses want to increase sales and have tried to market their products and services using online and offline campaigns, until recently there was no way of measuring this investment but now with the new software developed by Callmetrics all marketing efforts can be independently measured to ensure you are advertising in the correct areas. Recently we have included social media / online activity to our suite of reports so we can now track where the initial click came from ( Facebook, Twitter) and what did that online visitor do when they came to your website? Did they request a brochure or call-back, did they call your number or just leave your home page?

Callmetrics can also measure productivity levels of each sales person within the business and report on all inbound and outbound calls per extension, an increase in telephone call activity will automatically lead to an increase in sales. Callmetrics can provide call centre functionality to your business without the need to invest in a new telephone system, calls can also be recorded if required for training and monitoring purposes.

How We Reduce Your Costs

How We Reduce Costs
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Callmetrics Cloud simplified reports
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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Callmetrics provided Corrib Oil with a stable solution for managing and routing their inbound calls on their advertised numbers. When we analysed our fixed line business we called Callmetrics the team could provide our company with a solution to a problem that many other fixed line main providers could not solve, regarding call diversion out of hours. Initially we ported over all our Freefone numbers to Callmetrics and the changeover was seamless and we had no downtime or interruption to our service. We have since moved the vast majority of our main advertised phone lines to Callmetrics and have had absolutely no issues since day one.

    Michael Geraghty IT MANAGER, CORRIB OIL CO.
  • Callmetrics have been great to deal with. We have been using Callmetrics for almost 9 months now and have no complaints. We use Callmetrics to monitor the calls coming in from National advertising for accommodation offers and also use the number on our Social Media sites & Floating banner for Special Accommodation offers to monitor the calls coming in. We paid a once off fee, and love the fact that we can now use Callmetrics monthly and freeze it at any time if we choose to do so. The changeover was so straight forward, we would recommend Callmetrics to anyone.

  • The Callmetrics platform has proven to be an invaluable tool in the running of our day-to-day business. It provides the flexibility and in-depth detail needed for a modern call-centre environment. The support provided has been fantastic and the team are always willing and able to provide 1st class support.

  • We began using Callmetrics in May 2016 with the aim of improving how we measure our campaign enquiry sources. So far, we have found the call reporting particularly useful in measuring the effectiveness of our offline marketing communications. We can now measure calls coming into one switchboard for each of our locations and brands.  The technical support provided by Eamonn is extremely helpful and the monthly fees are low with no requirement for long-term commitment.  With the insights provided by Callmetrics, we are now better equipped to understand the most relevant channels that drive enquiry for our target market.

  • Callmetrics have provided BHP Insurance with a solution to a marketing obstacle that had been aggravating us for some time: understanding the sources of our calls. With so much of our business taking place over the phone, the insights we have gleaned from the Callmetrics platform have been invaluable in boosting the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. After we received a demonstration of the reporting portal and an analysis of our phone bill, it was obvious that this was the solution for us. The changeover was seamless, the portal is user-friendly and we have already noticed significant savings. From the outset, the service and support we have received from the team at Callmetrics has been second to none.

  • Callmetrics was the only solution available in Ireland that could help us purchase, track and measure phone calls from different marketing sources. Since we started using Callmetrics and local numbers, our territorial reach has increased, all our marketing spend is optimised through an easy to read dashboard that shows the number of calls received per marketing source and number origin, it also helps our sales team with follow-ups. It helped our agency become more accountable and deliver more insightful reports.

    George Oliveira MARKETING, ALLHOMES.IE
  • We always knew that many customers were phoning our dealers after visiting the dealer pages on our website we just didn’t know the extent of that activity .We do now !

  • We have used Callmetrics for the past number of years not only for product but the customer service they provide. The online dashboard is very easy to use; the data is displayed in a user friendly way which makes my daily reporting tasks very quick.  I can identify what marketing campaign is working well and at what time because the dashboard allows me to dig deeper into each report. We have never looked back.    

  • We began using Callmetrics in May 2016 with the aim of improving how we measure our campaign enquiry sources. The online dashboard is very easy to use; the data is displayed in a user friendly way.  The insights we have achieved form the Callmetrics platform have been invaluable in boosting the effectiveness of our enquiry sources. We would have no issue in recommending Callmetrics to any of our colleagues in the Motor industry.      

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