Are You Too Busy to Answer Your Phone?

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Most small business owners are quite busy and the phone isn’t their first priority. Answering the phone can become an interruption, so they often allow callers to go directly to voicemail. While this may help the business owner avoid the distraction, it can really hurt the business.

Do you Really Save Time by Sending a Caller to Voicemail?

After a call goes to voicemail, if they leave a message (and that’s a big IF), you have to check it and call them back. Does this cost you more or less time compared to just taking the call? Usually, you are costing yourself more time and most people that are sent to voicemail will hang up. This could mean lost business, lost sales and lost profits.

Here at Callmetrics we suggest a number of ways to handle a call before having to send someone to voicemail. Always remember someone is calling you because it suits them now to talk.

Route call by time according to the time of day – routing is set up & automatically changes according to the time of day

Roster people on to be available to take calls

9am-11am Employee A takes all calls route to DDI / mobile

11am-1pm Employee B takes all calls route to DDI / mobile

During lunch & after hours all calls can be diverted to a mobile number


Menu options – route call most efficiently

Operator queue – 10sec at each operator

Virtual Receptionists

Hiring a virtual receptionist service will not only save you money, but it will also save you real time. You can turn your phone calls over to your virtual receptionist at any time and avoid the distraction. The best part: your clients still get the personal service they desire and not one caller will be sent directly to voicemail.

Your virtual receptionist can cover meetings, time out of the office, after hours calls and even times when you’re just very busy. The cost is a fraction of the salary of an in-house receptionist and the service is as professional as it gets. If you want to ensure every caller receives a personal greeting and the personal service they deserve, hire a virtual receptionist and stop being too busy for your clients.

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