The Benefits to Your Business of Migrating to VoIP.

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With the improving broadband speeds in Ireland, businesses can now use these increased speeds to run their call traffic over the internet. VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol can help to future proof your business communications needs. Using a VoIP system can have several benefits to your business.

Why migrate to VoIP

  1. Increased Functionality

With all of Callmetrics VoIP products we can offer greater functionality to your business. We can put the control of your inbound call flow in your hands. You can set the call flow to ring to all extension or to a particular hunt group.  This will allow you to route inbound calls to the employee with the best skill set to answer that particular call. We can also allow you to route calls to employees based on the geographic location of the caller.

Other functionality that can be offer by Callmetrics VoIP products;

  • Call Recording
  • Call Answering
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Self Service Portal
  1. Inbound and Outbound Call Reporting

Callmetrics VoIP products allows SME’s to avail of key management information. Inbound call reporting allows you to identity the channels that are making your phone ring. Outbound call reporting gives management key information on employees KPI’s. The number of calls made, the average duration, total call duration, repeat calls.

  1. Disaster Recovery  

Making sure current or potential customer can also contact you is vital to a business. If your business has ever had an unscheduled power cut, you know the inconvenience this can cause. Callmetrics disaster recovery mode can allow you to route calls to mobiles or home workers with ease. These mobile or home numbers can be preprogramed into the system to make sure no loss of service.

  1. Lower your Businesses Telecommunication Costs

Standard telephony services can be expensive to maintain and service. By moving to VoIP we can eliminate the monthly rental of FRA, ISDN or PSTN lines. As calls are internet based there can be a reduction in the call rates. In most cases Callmetrics can help migrate your business to a VoIP phone system without a huge capital investment.

At Callmetrics we understand that migrating to VoIP can seem daunting or a risk to your business. It is always advisable to have an experienced and reliable provider to help you with this migration. We can advise and assist your business in choosing a telecoms structure that best suits your business. We look forward to helping your business and its telecommunication needs.

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